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Leather Leaf

Leather leaf fern is not a flower, but it is a very commonly use greenery. I have talked about it in almost all of previous blogs as a greenery that is used with flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. Leather leaf is a greenery that consists of multiple petals leaves coming off of subbranches. They are easy to brake off and fix into an arrangement so that they look best. They also can be move and form into things easily which makes them very easy to work with when putting into arrangements. Along with their wide range of flexibility n flowers being a great feature leather leaf is also very affordable with the cost only being about 4.00 a bunch. This is what I am able to get my leather leaf for at my wholesaler and I get about 20 stems of it from one bunch. This is also a main reason people love leather leaf because of its cheap price. 

Some of the most common events that leather leaf is used for are weddings, valentine’s day and funerals. These events usually require a lot of flowers which means they require a lot of greenery. So, florists use leather leaf to get the most profit out of piece they are making. They also look very beautiful in the pieces that are being made because especially for weddings and funerals there are specific arrangements that are only made for these events. Leather leaf also has staple arrangements that they look best is such as casket and easel sprays for funerals along with table and alter arrangements for weddings. These arrangements look best with leather leaf because you want them to look long and wide and the leather leaf really just adds in that extra dimension you need for these pieces to makes them look very full and beautiful. 


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