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My purpose

Flowers have been something fairly new in my life. I have always loved flowers and arranging them to look very pretty. I have always been interested in how flowers work and why others need different treatment than some. I have had some experience with flowers for the past year and a half though. I look a floral design class in high school which taught me all about flowers and how to care for them. Along with learning how to arrange them in multiple ways and also have different cultures arrange their flowers. I learned all about how each flower has its own meaning in the arrangement and you should always have a focal flower to go off of. Also, that not all flowers look good together. There are different selections of flowers that can work well together and also the greenery. Not all greens can look good with each flower you need to think about how the arrangement is going to look in the end and think about if it all is going to fall well together. 

In this blog I plan on covering many aspects and different types of flowers. I plan to focus myself on one type of flower in each writing and tell you how to care for them and what other flowers and greenery go well with that flower. I hope I am able to teach you a little something about flowers with the knowledge I have and the knowledge I hope to gain for myself with doing research for this blog. Although it may seem as though I will be covering a lot of information in each blog and it seems as though I will be all over the plan with my writings I do have a soul purpose to inform you more on how different flowers need to be cared for. I want people to know that flowers are not just pretty thing that you put in water to look at. They are much more than they appear and that is all I truly want to express to the world. 

Latest from the Blog

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are very beautiful and semi popular flowers. They are most commonly used in the spring and summer seasons due to its temperament to cold weather.  They can be found in fall and winter seasons they are just harder to find and more expensive. Gerberas are a very sensitive and soft flowers that really has…

Leather Leaf

Leather leaf fern is not a flower, but it is a very commonly use greenery. I have talked about it in almost all of previous blogs as a greenery that is used with flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. Leather leaf is a greenery that consists of multiple petals leaves coming off of subbranches.…

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