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Who am I

My name is Julia Ford and I am currently a freshman at Chico State majoring in Agricultural Education with a specification in mechanics. I am currently living in Chico away from my home town which is Stockton, Ca. My hobbies include swimming, cheerleading, and baking/cooking. I am the type of person you can always catch at home in bed watching the latest episodes of any type of reality T.V. Although if I am not doing that I am either practicing yoga, out on a hike with my boyfriend or playing tennis with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend. Some interesting facts about me are I am a competitive swimmer of 14 years, I am 5’2, and my left knee cap has no ligaments and can dislocate whenever it would like. A little more that you may want to know about me is that I am the middle child of three girls, I love to travel and plan to do more once it is allowed, and I actually like school and the learning aspect of it. Some of my academic goals are to get my B.S in Ag ed and then get my masters right after that. Now after I do all of that I will give myself a little break from school and just let myself enjoy my job but eventually I want to achieve my doctorate by the time I am 40 years old and become a college professor.

To the left you can see myself with my last market sheep I raised, his name was Tucker. I think in this picture you can really see my passion for agriculture and truly how much I love it and the FFA program.

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