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Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are very beautiful and semi popular flowers. They are most commonly used in the spring and summer seasons due to its temperament to cold weather.  They can be found in fall and winter seasons they are just harder to find and more expensive. Gerberas are a very sensitive and soft flowers that really has to be cared for. Their stem is not very durable and can break very easily. Along with the stem being fragile the petals are just as fragile. These flowers are very pretty and commonly used in just everyday arrangements, but I would seriously not advise you to use them for any sort of big event because they are so fragile and can break very easily but they also do not have a very good or long vase life. There vase life is at most a week and if they are being used for an event indoors and it gets hot and muggy in there with all the people, I can almost guarantee you that they are going to wilt. I have nothing against these flowers I love them, and they are very pretty and look great in arrangements I just do not always trust them to hold up, so you just have to be very careful with what you use them in. Another thing to add in is that they are also expensive they can be up to 3.00 a stem which to me is not worth the money considering you can get flowers just as beautiful for a cheaper price. 

Some of the most commonly use greenery with gerberas are leather leaf, lemon leaf, and seeded eucalyptus. Although I have given you some great greenery gerberas are actually commonly arrange without greenery because of their unique look and shape. Some accent flowers that look good with gerberas are stock or snapdragon, mums, and roses. These all look great and really show off the look of the gerbera but be sure to use similar colors if you are using roses try not to use two different colors of those. Although any other flower would look great with multiple colors in the arrangement with a gerbera. 


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